[Akira Kurosawa DRAWINGS] is an applicaition for iPhone and iPad released for the 100th anniversary of Akira Kurosawa’s birthday, containing high-resolution images of storyboards by Akira Kurosawa from films KAGEMUSHA, RAN, DREAMS, MADADAYO and THE SEA WATCHES, along with materials and sizes of the works as well as details of the films.
You can also enjoy the slideshow of the works.
Not only the fans of Kuroawa but even those who have never seen any Kurosawa film could enjoy the true beauty of art by Kurosawa.

Transcending generations and borders, Akira Kurosawa’s name continues to shine gloriously in the world of cinema. Initially, the young Kurosawa aspired to become a painter, and his works were admitted to the prestigious Nika Exhibition at the age of 18.
Realizing he could not wear two hats when deciding to pursue a career in movie production, he resolutely quit painting and burnt all the works he had completed until then.
It was through a series of storyboards Kurosawa managed to transmit the passion and vigor of his vision and win the backing of Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas when a budget crisis threatened the production of KAGEMUSHA, a Cannes Film Festival Golden Palm.
He took up his paintbrush again to paint the ”storyboards” with the pure wish to show ”everyone in the world at least the still images, if not the motion picture.”
Thereafter, storyboarding has become one of the key facets of Kurosawa’s film-making and he drew and left over 2,000 storyboards in his lifetime.
Looking at these exquisitely executed storyboards takes us to the origin of Kurosawa’s movies, acclaim reflected in comments like ”each frame is as beautiful as a piece of photography.”--We hope you enjoy Kurosawa’s artistry and outpouring passion for film-making.

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