"Clock Simply - Calendar" Software License Agreement

The following software license agreement must be accepted upon downloading, installing, or using "Clock Simply - Calendar"(hereafter referred to as "this software"). Users of this software (hereafter referred to as "the customer") agree to the following software license agreement upon downloading, installing, or using this software.

INFOCITY Inc, (hereafter referred to as "the company") grants the customer a nonexclusive nonassignable nontransferable right to use this software in accordance with the provisions outlined below. This agreement takes effect upon the date that the customer downloads this software.

1. License
The company grants the customer the nonexclusive nontransferable right to install, duplicate, and use this software.

2. Copyright
The company holds the copyright to this software, and it is protected by international copyright treaties and copyright law.

3. Usage Restrictions
The customer may not commit any of the following acts concerning this software.

a. Duplicating this program or creating a derivative work of this program in a manner that exceeds the limit of what is necessary to use this program utilizing methods in authorization with this agreement.

b. Altering, debugging, reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, or decrypting this software or any part thereof.

c. Renting this software to a third party, allowing a third party to use this software, or transmitting this software to any third party over a network.

d. Transferring the rights authorized to the customer in accordance with this license agreement (hereafter referred to as "this license") to any third party, with the exception of cases authorized by this license.

e. Deleting the display of rights shown by this software.

4. Limitation of Liability
This software is provided to the customer as-is, and the company does not guarantee this software is free from programming errors or other defects, the fitness of this software for any particular purpose, the noninfringement of the rights of the customer or any third party arising from this software or its use, or any other content.
The company bears absolutely no obligations for this software, including, but not limited to, repair and maintenance. Additionally, the company bears absolutely no responsibility for any damage or loss to the customer or any third party arising from the use of this software regardless of the original cause.

5. License Agreement Changes
The company may, upon deeming it necessary, make changes to this license agreement at any time without giving prior notification to the customer. Upon making changes to the license agreement, the company will make the agreement public through methods such as posting the license agreement on the company website.
After the public release of the license agreement referred to in the previous clause, the customer will be considered to have agreed to the modified license agreement upon continuing the use of this software.

6. Governing Law & Agreed Jurisdictional Court
All matters concerning this agreement, including its validity, construal, and execution, are in accordance with Japanese law.